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What Clients Are Saying


I wanted to send a personal note to let you know how much I appreciate what you accomplished for me. My case was not something that you normally would have taken, and I am so blessed that you did. Thank you for fighting so hard for me and advising me through it all. I am ready to move forward in my life. All the best to you and Jenny – please thank her for me!

Dayleen M.

In 2010 a great tragedy befell me, my 26 yr. old son, Terrell died in a Colorado CCA Private prison. For many months I struggled to find out what happened to him, but, no one seemed to care. I turned to state officials, public agencies, legal agencies and federal agencies, but one after the other doors closed. Finally I found Cheryl Trine, she listened as I poured out my heart and shared my pain over the death of my son. It was not like talking to an attorney, but, rather someone who cared and had compassion. Cheryl agreed to take my case which placed her in a raging battle. This lawsuit would be against one of the nation’s largest private prisons, several staff members including nurses and a physician, along with investigators and coroners for wrongs I felt lead to the preventable death of my son and a conspiracy to cover it up.

Ms Trine single handedly faced 4 law firms on the attack. There were days when I was in tears over all the defendants legal maneuvering, yet, Cheryl would talk me through it and explain everything. She was so kind, kept me informed and advocated for me beyond my wildest imagination.

Cheryl is a petite woman, but, her legal finesse is Goliath. She set out by drafting brilliantly written motions to counter repeated attempts by the defendants to have the complaint thrown out, followed by motion after motion, Cheryl worked and worked. Some witnesses were reluctant to get involved, which is understandable, still, Cheryl, determined she had to try and reach these men and she did. Cheryl marched right up into the heart of the beast (private prison doors) and talked to these men. Because of her efforts many of them came forward by giving their testimony in affidavits and deposition statements. None of this would have happened except for the inexhaustible efforts and skill of Ms.Trine, who resolve to fight my case with everything she had.

During my life, I’ve heard negative talk about lawyers, so I didn’t really know what to expect. What I discovered though was only positive, Cheryl is a real gem. She is a lady of great character, integrity, compassion, wisdom, determination, courage, conviction, drive, heart and she is a polished expert who fights legal battles like a lion.

Cheryl advocated for me, someone of small means who was facing a mountainous legal struggle.

I had no idea just how much, time, work sacrifice and expense it would require to demand that CCA, a huge private prison corporation answer for what was allowed to happen to my son.

I observed Ms.Trine spend endless hours scouring piles of documents, handling relentless depositions, tracking down potential witnesses which at times required her to traveling for hours just to have a brief interview. She searched out and wisely retained the necessary experts. Cheryl knows how to conduct depositions, she is savvy and tenacious and didn’t hold back from standing toe-to-toe with officials and asking the difficult questions. Her honest and powerful writing style in brilliant, Ms. Trine penned legal responses that touched my heart; Finally someone was speaking up for the injustice that took my sons precious life. I was so impressed with Cheryl, I respect and trusted her. Many times I worried over her and prayed for her because she worked tirelessly. In the end, after years of heartache and tears, Cheryl Trine, resolved our case in a settlement agreement that finally brought closure to such a dark time in my life. I will never forget her, in my opinion Cheryl is one of the greatest attorneys the state of Colorado has to offer.

Lagalia Afola
Mother of Terrell Griswold “Griz”

Before I found Cheryl, I called lawyer after lawyer and either they did not call me back, or they did not take the time to explain things to me to help me understand the legal process. I was becoming frustrated and discouraged on top of already being upset about my injuries. Then I called Cheryl Trine. She took the time to explain everything to me, and helped me understand what I needed to do. She did it in a way that put me at ease, and pretty soon we were laughing. I decided to see if I could negotiate a settlement with the insurance company myself. That didn’t work. So I called Cheryl back to hire her. Thank goodness I did. I was very anxious, and she took all the stress from me, and made my life less complicated. She is a beautiful writer, a good negotiator, and she did an amazing job for me. I got a great result, and am very happy. I was able to afford the remedial treatment I needed and to go on with my life with a sense of justice. I highly recommend her.

Alison Irwin
Colorado Business Owner
Irwin Enterprises

My Name Gregory K. Olivas I had the privilege to have the Trine Law firm LLC represent me on a case that involved a motorcycle wreck which I happened to be the person hurt in the wreck which left me disabled. I interviewed The Trine Firm at the time and they explained a lot I didn’t know about my case. But Ms. Trine (Cheryl) was the one handling most of the case and working with me. Ms. Trine in my words is the sharpest (back injury) young lawyer who is caring, persistent, and determined person who will go that extra mile to work on a case no matter how big or small, or who you are. She is the person I would want in my corner if I needed her again. She is a lawyer who really cares and will get the most for what you deserve.

Gregory K. Olivas

I am a physician in Fort Collins, and I bring lives into this world. Cheryl Trine is my attorney, and she saved my life. Cheryl was not my first attorney. My first attorneys were from large law firms, and they did not give me good legal advice. They had big names and they charged me big bucks, but they made my situation worse.

My now ex-husband pressured me into bringing suit with him over a contract dispute, which we lost. But that is not the worst part of it. There were counterclaims, and the verdict against us was much bigger than I had been led to believe was remotely possible. We could not pay it. As a result, my now ex-husband began his siege, holding all the parties and the court hostage for years, refusing to settle and becoming more violent over time. Meanwhile, I was trying desperately to keep our ship afloat, practice medicine and raise two daughters.

When I asked Cheryl to step in, I no longer trusted attorneys or our legal system. I felt attorneys were only in it for the money, and our courts were all corrupt. She helped me understand what went wrong, and why. She earned my trust and then helped me see the part my ex-husband played. Cheryl helped me figure out what to do to stop “the bloodletting,” and keep us safe. She told me people would help me, and they did. She organized that help. She was there for my children, and has been there for me ever since. I know how important it is to find a good attorney. I tell everyone, “This is my attorney. She saved my life.”

Christine Skorberg, M.D.

Cheryl Trine has been acting as my legal counsel for about 3 years, mainly providing guidance and advice on legal matters relating to personal and financial issues. Like most lawyers, I’ve found Ms. Trine to be intelligent, hard-working, tenacious, opinionated, and stubborn, all of which are good qualities when she puts them to use on a client’s behalf. In addition, Ms. Trine is ethical, conscientious and very socially concerned. She is not afraid to work for victims, regardless of their life circumstance, and makes their welfare her top priority. It is obvious that Ms. Trine did not take up law for the money or power, but to advocate for people who have no one else on their side and thereby to help make the world a better place.

Sallie Varner
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Colorado State University