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Civil Rights: Championing The Rights Of The Least Powerful In Our Communities Protects Us All

“Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand.”  – Frederick Douglass 

At Trine Law Firm LLC, we are committed to protecting our clients’ constitutional rights and promoting a safer society. We work in many areas including lawsuits against the police for wrongful arrest and excessive force, malicious prosecution, free speech and right to assemble, and discrimination. We specialize in helping people who were denied medical care in jails and prisons. Incarceration is big business in this country. Corporations make money from the poorest of our people and their families. The majority of people imprisoned are not there for violent crimes. The majority are low-income folks with health issues who are then denied medications and medical care by private, for-profit corporations who chose to make money from people’s pain and suffering even though some of those people will die or be permanently injured. The corporations typically falsify records and hide behind walls of shell companies to thwart efforts to hold them accountable to do their jobs.

Anyone can be falsely accused of a crime and end up in jail, only to suffer or die from the denial of medical care. We are passionate about protecting our clients’ humanity, helping them recover what was taken from them, and making our communities stronger and safer.

Passionate Representation For The Horrors Of Serious Medical Malpractice 

Cheryl Trine specializes in medical malpractice, and understands the powerlessness that many people feel when dealing with doctors, nurses, and facilities that are part of a huge corporate for-profit system that does not care about them. This began with “tort reform” that sets damage caps on the very things that are the most important in our lives – our pain, suffering, impairment, disfigurement, emotional distress, anxiety, fear, and grief.  We are passionate about helping when we can.  We believe that our community is stronger when doctors and nurses and health care facilities are held accountable when they hurt their patients through negligence so that they will do better.

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Cheryl L. Trine

Excerpts Of Client Testimonials

“She is a lawyer who really cares and will get the most for what you deserve.”

– Gregory K. Olivas

“I got a great result and am very happy. I was able to afford the remedial treatment I needed and to go on with my life with a sense of justice. I highly recommend her.”

– Alison Irwin

“During my life, I’ve heard negative talk about lawyers, so I didn’t really know what to expect. What I discovered though was only positive, Cheryl is a real gem. She is a lady of great character, integrity, compassion, wisdom, determination, courage, conviction, drive, heart and she is a polished expert who fights legal battles like a lion.”

– Lagalia Afola

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