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Galen Trine-McMahan

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Galen limits his case load so that he can maintain a close relationship with clients to learn what they want and deliver custom solutions. He graduated with honors from University of Wyoming and was one of the youngest attorneys to be accepted by the Trial Lawyers College. His cases have been featured in national news and an Academy award nominated documentary. Galen prefers to work with clients who have been seriously hurt by corporate or governmental misconduct, and who wish to use their story to change society for the better, protecting not only their own families but others as well. In his spare time, he directs films, and part of his expertise with his clients is in putting together their stories in a very visual and creative way that gets to the heart of what happened to them. When he tells the story of what happened to his clients, they not only feel vindicated, but he connects on a deep level with juries, witnesses, and judges.